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Pure water treatment in Austin, TXGreat tasting water in Austin, TX
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Great Tasting Water!!

Lakota Water Company provides residential water treatment to Central Texas communities.  Great tasting water may require additional filtration and purification even though the municipal or well water may be safe to drink.  Residential water treatment consists of installation and maintenance of water softeners, water filtration and water chlorinators.

Lakota Water Company provides services for well water and municipal water to Central Texas residents.  Service begins with a water analysis identifying the current water quality.

Based upon the results of this test, we'll recommend water treatment that could include any of the following: media filters, water softening equipment, chlorinators, and reverse osmosis (RO) to deliver quality drinking water to you and your family.

Key Benefits

  • Great Tasting Drinking Water
  • Soft Water - remove minerals for softer water and water/soap conservation.
  • Safe Water - bacteria levels can multiply causing sickness.



Equipment Installation
We can install the equipment necessary to give you great-tasting, safe drinking water.  We can order and install water softeners, media filters, and RO filters.
Service Plans
We offer service plans for the equipment we install as well as equipment from other sources.  These plans are customized for the needs of each customer.  We'll take care of changing the filters, refilling the salt for the water softeners, and periodically analyzing the water.


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